Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Millenium Footbridge

Ron Arad 'Restless' at the Barbican

This is the original Rover chair which inspired Ron Arad's series of chair designs

I believe this has been cut with a 3d laser cutter? the simple trees are brilliant, they really give the impression of a row of trees, all at differing heights.

i found this chair very comfortable, it had a sort of swaying motion which felt like being on a hammock and on a lilo in the ocean all at once.

Monday, 17 May 2010

The Household Cavalry Museum

With this shot i tried to capture the effect this row of London Plane trees is having on the open space. They create a physical visual barrier from the busy road on the other side, also deadening the sound of the car engines. This green facade of tree crowns, especially caught in such a light is a beautiful feature. Without these the important space to the left would be somewhat lost within this urban mix of road and building.

you have to take opportunities like this when they come along, i just couldnt resist...

St James' Park

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Spatial Switch

For my final project in year 2 of my course the brief was to design a structure for the 'Airplot' ( the piece of the land Greenpeace have bought right in the middle of where BAA plans to construct a third runway). The structure's purpose is to be able to defend and protect Greenpeace activists living in the site whilst having a strong impact and obstructing the progress of a third runway
The Brief we were set was also a Public competition, so a few of us in my studio submitted A1 boards as its a great opportunity to possibly get involved and noticed.
The caption on my board describing my proposal read:

''An open shelter immersed within nature posessing the ability during times of conflict to rise
up and protect itself. Four ground planes remodel into four protective walls enclosing the
shelter, transforming it into a safehaven for Greenpeace protestors.
With a canopy of growth overhead supporting insect life and attracting wildlife, Spatial Switch
welcomes people to join the protest against the expansion of Heathrow with the guarantee
of safety from eviction''.

This visualisation represents the structure in its defensive mode.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Good - Video

The Sandpit.
This short video created by Sam O'Hare contains some really good shots of New York City. The tilt shift effect has given an extraordinary view on public open spaces. Watching people and cars move throughout its like peering into a small world buzzing and full of life. It really alters the way you view our existence on the planet, how small we really are in comparison.
There are a few shots of The High Line park nearer the end - The transformed overhead railway line turned public park filled with trees and vegetation, a remarkable use of a structure purely designed as a railway line.
This last one i took on the 4th of april from the top of a bus. You can see they have finished the seating and are preparing the surrounding space for new paving, i presume trees will be going in soon. Having always been consumed by hard materials this area has never been a place to spend any amount of time in. Trees here will have a huge impact. creating a meeting place, a place to sit and watch.

I took these first 3 on the 27th of Feb.

On recent trips home i seen the new landscape construction taking place next to Brightons Clocktower. I have been searching online to try and find plans of what is taking form but havent found anything so far.
This location is a major thoroughfare with people crossing the previously empty space non stop.
Looks like they are constructing some wavy Granite seating of 2 levels, i am pretty sure they will be planting a few trees too as there was a square pit bordered by sheets of plywood labelled 'tree pit'.